USA must die if USA cannot hide like die. American werewolves link, no way to help anyone to bebetter, all they can do is dragon down; you just needto have the guts to look back your own Chinese history, how that American werewolves link "Mar.Shit.Are" oral fucked your Chinese and China apart; had that shameless sucking USA had any bit 信用卡代償of good will to leave that poor Chinese owned China alone, your China must still have had kept like it supposed One. USA is the sign of lie, no way to be real better than anyone else, therefore, USA cannot be good enough to have that good will to 租房子 hide like die, must be killed to die really.USA has not do me any favor (I pay tax, but not got any penney back [Even I am too poor to afford to send my son to any private school like USA liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton and thei 襯衫r slave Obama done to their sucking shameless cold cold hard daughters <You sucking shameless rich and famous sons and daughters cannot have that heart, cannot have that brain cell to question your sucking shameless selfish dad and your sucking dad's ass whore, why not every one can atten 九份民宿d the best school like you sucking shameless selfish rich and famous daughters and sons, you all deserve to be killed along with your sucking shameless selfish cold cold hard dad and their shameless sucking cold cold hard ass whores immediately. Shame on you sucking USA, dare have any bit shameless cold cold hard to take 租屋網any bit of credit from my talk.>; that public school is Independent school district, has nothing to do with USA; that how suck how abusive how shameless that shameless sucking abusive Obama abused his sucking shameless White House power to demand all school to give him that sucking shameless abusive channel to have that sucking shamele 商務中心ss abusive talk directly to all naive innocent students; must deserve that entire form of USA to die for that sucking shameless USA failed to guard the naive innocents right, for that sucking USA failed to do the duty to guard the Independent school district right. ] out of my paid tax, not got any service from that sucking shameless USA government out of my 室內設計paid tax; I bought my house [This Continent of America owned by late China King who given the will to leave his land back to wild, that sucking USA not only has no right to act like the owner of this land, but also need to die for the crimes they committed not only failed to do the duty to guard the wild life right, but also further on purposely to constructed all natural wild to f 酒店經紀orce wild life gone.], the mortgages in USA charged me the highest rate that no First Class richest American need to be charged, not mention those sucking poor American werewolves slaved voting machines. I don't owe USA anything, USA owe me too much to tell.), I can survived to tell, because my own sex sense righteous guts earned myself to have Satan to stand in my side, my own good will good enou 室內裝潢gh to have the Holy Ghost ride on me. If you want to give my credit to American werewolves, you are worse than American werewolves slaved Hollywood; because any conscious Hollywood can tell you Black American can live any wealth life no  white can have right to take any credit out of their miserable root. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 辦公室出租  .
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